[OpenSolaris] How to update your OpenSolaris 2009.06 behind a proxy

I’m using Solaris on my work’s computer, as I said in another post (in Spanish). I also have installed an OpenSolaris 2009.06 in a virtual machine for training purpose. However, we have to use a HTTP Proxy for surf on the Internet, with authentication.

If you want to navegate, you can setup the proxy in System bottom -> Settings -> Proxy. But Package Manager doesn’t use this settings to connect to the repositories.

You must use the command-line setup as following:

# export http_proxy=”http://username:password@proxy.test.com:8080″


# export http_proxy=”http://proxy.test.com:8080″

if you proxy doesn’t use authentication.

After that, in the same terminal, execute as root:

# packagemanager

And now, you can update or install applications.

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6 thoughts on “[OpenSolaris] How to update your OpenSolaris 2009.06 behind a proxy

  1. Are you sure with the choice of the proxy’s port? Does it use authentication? Your password must be letters and/or numbers and/or symbols diferents than “@”, “$”,”‘” or similar ones, because they have special meaning in command-line.

    Remember, you have to be login as root before.


    Type your root’s password.


    At this moment, run the commands that I wrote in this post.

    If you did all of these steps, Can you write what you typed in the export command? Remember to change your password or username with another word, for privacy reasons, when your’ll paste it here.

  2. Usually you should know if you’re connecting to a VPN, because you have to specifically set up a VPN. It’s not something that happens when you go to a website, its something you configure intentionally. A secure https connection is not a VPN connection.

  3. It worked as expected. Thanks for the tip!
    btw, why the h*ll packagemanager cannot use the system wide proxy settings??

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