OpenBSD 4.6 Postponed to November 1

In the mailing list of OpenBSD, Theo de Raadt announced the delay of the OpenBSD 4.6 release, to its original date Nov 1st. The original date (Nov 1st) was changed with the celebration of Slackathon in August to be in October 1st, but now it changed to its original release day because the CD manufacturer has a production problem.

OpenBSD is a BSD operating system, focused on security, stability and simplicity. It works on i368, amd64, Sparc, PowerPC and other architectures. It is a fork of NetBSD created in 1995 by Theo de Raadt.

Nowadays, OpenBSD only have two remote security holes in its history! But if you install it, as I did, you will know that the only default remote active service is OpenSSH. However, it has a good security reputation and its recommended to run in servers.

If you are interested in this great unix-like free operating system, go to its official website.