Update on my life

I know that I have not been writing frequently in my blog, however, this post will explain what happened to me during this time.

Back in February, when I wrote the previous post, I went to FOSDEM conference with my colleagues at CERN. It was great: I met a lot of people, renewed my passion about free software and pushing me to go forward.

One month later, I was training my substitutes in the Hardware and Timing section (BE/CO/HT) at CERN, preparing the removal, closing the bank accounts (only that deserves a new post), searching a new home… because I was hired by Igalia, a Spanish free software consultancy.

After 15 hours driving alone by car, I arrived the March 27th at my parent’s home from Geneva. One week later, I rented an appartment in A Coruña, Spain, where I am writing this post.

Looking at what happened during this month here, I can just say that my arrival was, after all, very good. The people here is very friendly with similar traditions of my region (Asturias), so I am feeling like home with “bonus tracks” like “Albariño” wine, octopus, among other things.

Now that you know that I am still alive, I want to start blogging again, hopefully more often, focusing in Linux kernel-related topics. Please stay tuned!

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