LinuxCon Europe 2012 experience

Last week, I have been in Barcelona attending to LinuxCon Europe 2012 and the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012. This was actually my second LinuxCon Europe (the first was in Prague, last year) but I was there with the same feelings that the first time!

It was very nice to find old friends there, chat with them or, even, drink some beers while talking about some funny anecdotes we shared together 🙂 Also, I enjoyed some more technical conversations we had related to real time issues, virtualization and industrial hardware.

However, the best part of these conferences is not only talk with friends but meet new ones. I had very nice talks with people from a broad range of countries, careers and interests. It’s there when you realize that you are not the only one suffering a certain problem or interested on a certain area. It definitively boosts my desire to change the world!

Thanks to Igalia for sponsoring my trip to LinuxCon Europe!